Five Health Benefits of Strength Training for Women

(Last Updated On: 09/01/2014)

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Cardio usually becomes the base of fitness routine for many women. They may dance, spin, run – just to make their heart rate’s up and calories burning rate high. We are less likely find women in one particular male-dominated part of the gym, weight-based areas. This could turn out to be mistake.

Although women can burn plenty of calories with cardio, they could miss out a slew of additional benefits by not performing strength training sessions. In fact, strength training for women and men can help both burn much more calories. Other than helping us to lose weight, strength training could also provide us the following benefits:

5 Benefits of Strength Training for Women

1. Improved muscle: While the cardio group could lose fat tissue, they will also lose some amount of muscle. On the other hand, people who do both weight lifting and cardio could lose nearly all fat and gain more muscle. With only cardio, we burn up to 4 calories each minute, but we our body will stop burning more when end the session. On the other hand, people who combine cardio and weight lifting could keep their metabolism elevated for about an hour, allowing them to burn more calories even if they have stopped doing cardio and lifting. On average, for every 3lbs of muscle we gain, we will burn an additional 120 calories each day. This is an important step for long-term weight control and weight loss. By burning 120 extra calories each day, we could lose 10lbs of fat each year. Overall, if we want to burn calories, it is important to build up our muscle.

2. Increased bone density: Experts have been recommending regular weight training to prevent bone loss. Annually, women lose up to 2 percent of bone mass as they age. Fortunately, the process is reversible. That is why strength training for women is extremely important. Studies show that yearlong strength-training program may increase our spinal bone mass by nearly 10 percent.

3. Improved mood: The feeling of confidence is contributed by physical fitness. Regular strength training helps to release more endorphins into our system and this can improve our mood. Endorphin is an important chemical that protects us against stress and elevates mood.

4. Improved resistance to diseases: Strength training programs can help us prevent diabetes and control blood sugar. We can keep cardiovascular diseases at bay by burning more fat tissue around our internal organ and under skin layer. Special muscle strength training program can also help arthritis sufferers by reducing pain and stiffness, by strengthening muscles around joints.

5. Improved posture: Regular strength training program improves our stability and balance. It also gives us better posture as muscles in our body get more efficient and stronger collectively.
Cardio lovers shouldn’t fret! They still can get immense benefits from cardio, but they’ll get much more trough additional weight training sessions.

Strength training for women is important just as it is for men!

strength training for women

Five Health Benefits of Strength Training for Women
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